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We live and work in a metal house. It is a Lustron House from 1949 made entirely of porcelain-enameled steel, inside and out. We took its name, for it was a bold idea. It's engineered to last; innovative; acknowledging precedent, but daring in its forward proposition. While their combination dishwasher/washing machine didn't find a future, they were one of the few homes in New Orleans to survive the winds of Hurricane Katrina.


Metalhouse, Inc. was founded in 2000. Leveraging a background in architecture, interior design, product and industrial design and graphic design, Robert Allen has overseen commissions and assignments that range from architecture to illustration. Each undertaking is carefully considered and detailed; conceived from listening, observation and experience.


The end-product strives to be elegant in conception, appropriate for its audience-needs, meet budget and have the poetic and lasting-timeless quality of a treasured object.

Robert Allen

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